Manuscript Submission

Goldline and Jacobs Publishing will consider manuscripts in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We publish in the following biographies and fiction. If you have a manuscript you would like us to consider for publication, these author guidelines will help you get started.

We encourage you to submit electronically. Manuscripts not accepted by Goldline and Jacobs will not be returned and will be deleted. Please retain at least one copy of your manuscript when submitting it for our consideration and review.

Submitting a Proposal

We require you to submit a complete proposal consisting of:

1. Title of the Book

2. Author or Editor

(a) Your name as it is to appear on the title page of your book.

(b) Degrees and professional qualifications.

(c) Present position.

(d) Professional address, e-mail address, and telephone and fax numbers.

3. Description of the Book

(a) Provide the general content and objective of your work. What do you intend to accomplish? In about 200 words, provide a short statement that succinctly expresses the scope and theme of your book.

(b) Provide a: A table of contents, a detailed chapter outline, an introduction, and two sample chapters.

4. Market

Why is your intended book needed in its market? List institutions, departments and associations that would be interested in your book.

5. Competition

What competing publications are currently on the market in your proposed areas? How is your work different from them?

6. Author information

Provide information on yourself and your qualifications, including previously published works. Attach curriculum vitae.

7. Manuscript Evaluation

Once received, your proposal will be reviewed by an editor to determine whether your proposal fits with our publication program and the viability of the manuscript. We will ask you to submit a complete electronic copy of your manuscript in Microsoft format for editorial review if we find the proposal viable.


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